Application SEMI-Pro

All starting places in the masters category are currently taken.

Applications for the SEMI-Pro section are still possible.

If a Master is willing to start under the conditions of the SEMI-Pro, please enter this in the comments. Then he will start in the MASTER class and the entry fees of the Masters who does not come, will be distributed among these participants.


We will pick you up at the following locations: Donaueschingen, Hüfingen, Villingen, Schwenningen, Schaffhausen (CH). In order to plan a pick-up, we need to know the place and time when we should pick you up at least 3 weeks before the festival. We also need the place and time for your departure.

Tip: In Germany there is a 49 EUR ticket for the train. This allows you to travel by train in Germany for one month. This is valid for buses, trams and trains type RE, IRE, RB, FEX, MEX trains. It is a subscription, so don't forget to cancel.

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Semi-professionals receive a travel allowance (limeted), a boxof chalk (72 pieces), catering during the festival and overnight accommodation in the gym.